as a multidisciplinary office, it advises in different areas of expertise, to both COMPANIES and INDIVIDUALS, pretending in any case, give a serious and quality solution:


  • Litigation in corporate, taxation, private, criminal and administrative law
  • Criminal economic law
  • Intellectual property, trade marks, patents, and copyright
  • Real Estate, drafting and advice on leases, contracts of option
  • Urban planning law
  • Estate administration and management.
  • Company law: incorporation, re-registration, mergers and acquisitions and insolvency proceedings
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Tax planning, administrative litigation, and tax inspections
  • Labor advice and equality plans, Social Security, Employment Regulations, Labor
  • Contract and Human Resources.


  • Private Law:
    • Claims derived from traffic accidents.
    • Family law.
    • General, contractual and non-contractual civil liability.
    • Claims derived from constructions and building.
    • Execution procedures.
    • Actions derived from the Urban Leasing Law and Horizontal Property Law.
    • Processes on capacity and disabilities.
    • National and international inheritance disputes, etc.
  • Labour Area: Dismissals, Social Security benefits, Disabilities, self-employment. Procedures for reducing and adapting working hours, etc.
  • Criminal Area: Accusation, defense, crimes and offenses, prison law, traffic accidents, etc…
  • Tax Area: Tax planning, tax settlement and management, economic-administrative claims, appeals against sanctions.
  • Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Area: Appeals against decisions of all Administrative Bodies, urban planning, housing, expropriations, representation before Contentious-Administrative Courts; Immigration law, etc...
  • Estate Administration: Management and control of leases, asset administration.